Health and Depression

Source: Health and Depression


Health and Depression

It is our belief that health means physical, mental and a state absence of disease.Similarly, science also defines the word health but it adds one more component to the previous one i.e physical, mental and social health.

Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine explains this term in a different way.The components that it includes to define the word health are physical (a balance of vata,pitta and kapha),mental, spiritual, soul and a state of total satisfaction. That means spiritual and soul also play an important role to stay fit and healthy.

But the question arises how the state of total satisfaction can be achieved?

Over desire, greediness, selfishness have engulfed the whole human race and have declined the quality of life and at the same time have also lead to depression ,which is a common mental disorder prevalent in modern humans.The cases of depression are increasing at an alarming rate in the whole world.In such circumstances, it is very difficult to achieve the state of total satisfaction but also not impossible.

The factors that are needed to be focused in order to achieve the total satisfaction are

(a)Proper eating habits-we don’t know what,when and how to eat.we eat without the knowledge of nature,calories, contents ,duration of digestion of food.we simply eat,eat and eat.

(2)Closeness to nature -Almost ninety percent of us have neglected the importance of nature. We have forgotten about the benefits of sunlight, fresh air and pure water.

(3)Society- Social activities of the working people have reduced to zero. People prefer to live in nuclear family to joint family. They don’t want to participate in social activities like meeting people, talking to elderly, discussing problems with friends and giving time to grand parents.

(4)Spirituality -Turning towards spirituality is also important as it disconnects ourselves from outer world and connects us to our inner power or soul .

In short,I don’t think depression is any problem. If we stay close to nature,participate in social activities, give time to spirituality or meditation in addition to proper eating habits,depression and other health problems will remain no longer.